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You have been dealing with the Otherworld for a long time?
Your experiences so far are not as satisfying as you imagined?
Maybe you are using the wrong tools.
From us you get the key to free your gift.
We at ParaWhisp have made it our mission to produce only genuine, high-energy tools. 

We only use real, "high energy" charged materials, namely gravestones, as basic material.
It seems only logical to use these powerful stones to make witchboards, pendulums, magic mirrors, altars and jewelry of the highest quality.
These artifacts would otherwise have been lost to posterity forever. 

Now they persist at your side, ready to transfer their stored energy to you.

ParaWhisp®  -Board

Handmade from ancient tombstones.
We look with you, from our existing range, a suitable stone for you.
Each board is customized individually. Font, color and arrangement are designed specifically for you. It is important to us to involve you in the creation process, so that you and your future Witchboard harmonize perfectly.
You can also leave the entire process to us and we intuitively create your perfect Witchboard for you.
Please contact us after your purchase. We would like to realise your ideas as soon as possible.

Material: diverse Natural stone
Standard size approx: 42cm x 30cm
Thickness ca: 1,5cm - 2,5cm
Weight approx: 3kg - 5kg
Planchette approx: 6,5cm x 8cm

Price 1.700  €

ParaWhisp® - Pendulum

uncomplicated, thanks to the included necklace always with you. Without complicated incense and consecrate. Immediately ready for use! Always a faithful and exceptional companion and friend on your way. Large and small questions of life. Defense against negative energies. Strengthen and influence them and their environment positively. 


Material: diverse Natural stone
Height:  approx. 5 cm
Width: approx2 cm x 2 cm

Price: 299 €

Magic black mirror

Handmade magical, occult & religious rarities from ancient tombstones.
Mirror surface made of highly polished black tombstone!
We source various mirror frames from international antique dealers. Real rarities that are decades or even centuries old and manufacture them for you into magical, black mirrors.
Ancient traditions say that every magic black mirror brings hidden things to light and opens the gate to the other world. 
 Are you ready? 
Various models in the range the price starts from 199 EUR.
Depending on stock the delivery time is 2 to 6 weeks. 
For your order request please contact us by phone or email.