Handmade magical, occult & religious rarities from ancient tombstones.

At this point we would like to introduce ourselves briefly.

We at ParaWhisp ® are a family business from Hiddenhausen in North Rhine-Westphalia.

We manufacture unique, magical jewelry of the highest quality! 
As a base material we use ancient gravestones, stones sometimes from the oldest mining sites in the world. Gravestones that have been charged with energies from the Otherworld for decades, even millennia.
But this is by far not the whole story.
The stones used by us have their origin unbelievable millions to billions of years ago, they have thus outlasted ages that far exceed our understanding, ages and eras that we will never be able to fully grasp with our earthly existence.
The energies of these rocks are enormous and can not be classified according to our understanding of size. 
Our goal is now to give your energy to the hand, in perfectly shaped jewelry and magical rarities.
Jewelry and tools that support and strengthen you in all your activities and also positively influence your environment. 
Some of our customers report that they felt the energy of our products even before they held them in their hands.

Separating individual elements from a beautifully preserved tombstone to make witchboards, pendulums, magic black mirrors, altars and jewelry in excellent quality requires a skill that few people have.

"This skill was put into my cradle as a talent, it is in a sense my gift. My talent is the cornerstone of my work, but really perfect my jewelry only through diligence and effort. It is important to me that you are aware that each of my works is unique, made by me in painstaking handwork. For my customers only the best is good enough. Talent is the cornerstone, but perfection of form and perfection can only be achieved through diligence and effort." - Maria Vogler

The use of real, ancient and mystical gravestones for the production of new, high-energy unique pieces is a unique selling point of us and a manufacturing process that is offered in this form nowhere else in the world.
On request, we also produce jewelry from the gravestone of one of your deceased relatives. We take a piece from an inconspicuous place and refine it into a new, unique energetic memento that will never leave your side.

Write to us, we will be happy to advise you!